Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Kerry's Cozy Relationship with Viet Cong Unveiled on FOX Tonight.

I first posted this story yesterday about John Kerry's tight relationship with the Viet Cong. The journalist will be on Brit Hume's show tonight, 5 central, with more facts. Here's some historical persepective on it.

Bill Clinton once said, "Facts are not attacks." Under that assumption, using Kerry's record against him isn't negative and isn't dirty. It's simply using his own history of blaming America first and his hostility to the idea that the United States of America just may be the greatest force of good in the world. But when that good need to be reinforced through application of strength, John Kerry and the other effete [love that word] liberals get "uncomfortable" with what they term "US imperialism."

Listen, if we wanted to 'rule' the world, we could. There isn't a place on the planet we couldn't infiltrate with that horrible thing called 'capitalism' and plant Wal-Marts and TGI Friday's on every other corner. Liberals love America? BS. They love the ability to use the liberty fighting for freedom has provided to denigrate the people that provide it for them. They support the troops but not the mission? Double BS. Do they also support teachers but oppose learning?

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