Monday, October 25, 2004

Kerry tells ISBN he was at Game 6 of '86 World Series in New York. Newspaper proves he was in Boston.

Game 6, made hyper-famous from Bill Buckner's famous booting of a grounder to first, was at Shea Stadium October 25, 1986. John Kerry told ESPN that he was 30 feet away from the error heard 'round the world. In his mind, I'm sure he was, in the same way Kerry says he's run in multiple Boston Marathons, of which there's no record. Goddard's Political Wire puts John Kerry at a Boston fundraiser.

This guy is a walking parody. It must be horribly hard to lug that massive ego around all day, so you'd think John Kerry would become fatigued enough to continue telling such easily disproven lies.

Now in the later stages of Forrest Gump Complex, John Kerry feels the need to magically insert himself into history's most important moments. Considering his two biggest accomplishments are marrying two people who's combined wealth are greater than France's Gross Domestic Product, this is understood. Kerry's taking up space on earth has been of such monumental insignificance that he feels a compulsion to invent delusions of grandiosity to synthetically enhance the waste that is his life.

If an interviewer ever asked Kerry where he was the day we landed on the moon, you'd get the feeling he's tell us he watched it all from the landing craft.

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