Friday, October 15, 2004

Kerry is as liberal as Mary Cheney is gay.

John Kerry said during the second debate that he doesn't like labels. Yet, in the third debate he had no problem breaking an unwritten rule of dragging children into the campaign by making sure Mary Cheney was labeled a lesbian.

Hugh Hewitt chronicles the Cheney response as well as Elizabeth Edwards huffing that the Cheney's must "feel a certain amount of shame." Only the wife a man whose ears perk up at the sound of sirens would characterize the Cheney's response as shame.

The non-partisan National Journal rates Kerry the most liberal member of the Senate. With his 100% liberal voting record, it's clear that Kerry is as liberal as Mary is gay. Yet, Kerry runs away from his label and Mary Cheney embraces, if not quietly, hers.

High atop Hypocrisy Mount perches John Kerry.

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