Wednesday, October 13, 2004

It only took a few thousand years.

One of the biggest former terrorist playhouses just held an election in which a total of zero of the hundreds of polling places had a single instance of suicide bombing or violence. The Spanktuary thinks it strange that this historic event was a few thousand years in the making and the headlines read: "Afghan elections tarnished by accusations of fraud." Replace 'Afghan' with each name of the 50 states on Nov. 3 and you have each state's major newspaper headline. That's reporting?

And what about the freshly free Afghan women? No longer having to fear being stoned (the kind where men crush women's skulls with large rocks)by radical Muslims, you'd think feministas across the planet would be rejoicing the new-found freedom from unspeakable violence customarily associated for accidentally walking outside without an escort.

The response from NOW's Martha Burke or any other "women's advocacy" groups? [cue chirping crickets] Too busy figuring out where to set up their 6 protesters for this year's Masters at Augusta, the National Organization for Women couldn't find the time to comment on the importance of women freed from real oppression - not just the imaginary kind at those evil country clubs. What does this say about NOW? Maybe being a "National" organization, they're charter only allows them to comment on domestic women's issues? Maybe they just don't like Arabs.

A nice ancillary benefit of fighting terrorism has been setting women free of the oppression, beating, intimidation and rape from the Taliban and its converts. The US spilled blood to bring freedom to about 30 million people in Afghanistan. Did we spill innocent Afghan blood. Yes. Every life is valuable - yet the most valued life is where one's spirit can be free with no consequence. Tyranny at the expense of freedom is not peace.

I happen to think that the United States is the largest force for good on the planet. I'd venture that now millions of Afghans would agree.

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