Friday, October 22, 2004


Proving his knowledge of Midwest speech patterns by asking a clerk in Boardman, Ohio, "Where can I get me a huntin' license," Kerry continues to make friends through his charm and finesse.

Read this link at Powerline and see the picture. Kerry said 'everyone got one.' I see 4 guys, 3 geese. Not a trigonometry major, I'm having a problem with the math. Even giving him the benefit of the doubt, he said he was "too lazy" to carry a 10-pound water fowl. You'd think lugging around his mug would be ample training.

I may loose sleep tonight wondering if Kerry used the same "trusty 12-gauge double-barrel" he uses to crawl around hunting deer with illegal ammunition. Now, I've been deer hunting less than one time. Yet, just by knowing someone who has, I know that nobody other than John Kerry's imagination has never brandished a 12-gauge double-barrel to kill an antlered land-mammal.

I get the feeling that if Federation of Figure Skating we a large voting bloc, Kerry conjure another imaginary story about his wicked slap-shot.

You're only fooling the dummies, John.

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