Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Edwards: Iraq War Created Terror Haven

John Edwards sees a problem with what's happening in Iraq and derides Bush by crying:

“He’s [Bush] created something that didn’t exist before the war in Iraq — he’s created a haven for terrorists” and "terrorists are pouring into Iraq."

Hey John, that's the frickin' point! Instead of Ali Babba splattering Starbucks' sippers in Seattle, we'd rather spank 'em in Sadr City. Killing terrorists is much more convenient when they make themselves uber-accessable.

Terrorists pouring into Iraq? Perfect!

For the illiterate @$$holes who don't know where to find the coalition, the address is I-R-A-Q. Come out from under those rocks and stop molesting the dromedaries you fanatic pricks! Allah wants to meet you and the we'll arrange the meeting! By the way, Mohammed, your 72 virgins weren't that good and I pissed in your river of honey. Enjoy eternity!

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