Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Documents: Kerry Took Direction From Viet Cong in His Secret Trips to Paris in 1971

This is going to be the most exciting week of my life. While most emotionally stable people are looking forward to the end of the election and a return to the relative tranquility of the post-election, I'm frantically charged about the organized chaos about to be unchained. All the king's horses and all the king's men, won't be able to put Kerry back together again. I've allowed myself 72 hours of gloating when it's all over, but I may parse them out over the next 4 years of Bush.

Kerry laid his own land-mine field of untruths and this week he'll hope he remember where he buried each of them. Unlike the impotent Democrat attacks on Bush, the things we'll read about John Kerry in the final week will do irreparable damage because they have the luxury of truth.

In the first of what will be the Longest Week in John Kerry's life, he'll realize the consequences of his poor decisions of yesteryear. The first: His now-documented secret trip to Paris in 1971. The Viet Cong gave guidance to Kerry on how best to arrange the anti-war movement back in the US.

We know he gave aid and comfort to the enemy by slandering all soldiers as baby killers, but most of us didn't know he was getting encouragement from the enemy he now tells us he "fought just like he would the terrorists."

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