Monday, October 25, 2004

380 Tons of Missing Explosives - But When?

No doubt you're hearing about the 380 tons of "missing" high explosives in Iraq. The eternal pessimist, John Kerry, blamed Bush.

What makes Kerry's charges so irresponsible is that these high explosives were likely moved in the months leading up to war, while we secured both the approval of the UN and John Kerry to use force. Or, they were moved immediately when we proceeded with the pounding.

While France, China, Germany and Russia were intentionally making a UN resolution difficult because of their business alliances in the corrupt Oil For Food program, would have easily been able to remove anything from anywhere and move them to sympathetic muslim countries. Whether conventional weapons, or WMD, getting it in a few trucks would be very easy.

UPDATE: NBC reports that the site was inspected by the 101st Airborne and the munitions that were there were subsequently destroyed.

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